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Coco Sugar is Nutrilicious

Coconut Sugar is a natural sweetening agent. The low glycemic index and the nutritious form of sugar, makes coconut sugar a perfect replacement for table sugar with more healthy advantages specially for kids.

The caramelized touch added with the sweetness gives taste buds a real treat while not having to feel guilty (at all). So, the kids cannot hate it.

We make Coco Sugar the most natural way and We add no chemicals extra to it. Really.

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How good is Coconut Sugar?

Coconut sugar has benefits that can only be possessed by Coconut sugar.
Prevents Obesity

The huge amount of dietary fiber regulates digestion and controls appetite.

Strengthens Bones & Teeth

The Phosphorous & Manganese content strengthens bones & teeth.

Helps absorbing Nutrients

The dietary fiber, phosphorous & manganese all help in absorbing nutrients.

How Good Is Coconut Sugar
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Nutrabites Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar balances your daily sugar intake by controlling your body’s sugar level due to its low glycemic index. Since Coconut sugar is unrefined, it holds back vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, B1, and calcium, zinc from nature.

Enhance your healthstyle! Start from replacing refined table sugar with Coconut sugar.

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How we make Coco Sugar?

Discover the Wholesome Journey of Coconut Sugar: From Tree to Table.

How to use Coco Sugar?

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For Milk

Add 2 Tablespoons of Coconut sugar in a glass (200ml) of lukewarm milk and stir well.

For Recipes

Replace table sugar with Coconut sugar in any sweet recipe for a healthy twist.

For Kids

Give your kids a small cup of Coconut sugar to enjoy tasting it without any worries.


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200gms coconut sugar

Having second thoughts on buying Coco Sugar?

Try our 200 Gms pack and taste the deliciousness yourselves.

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